Seniors At Home’s Fiduciary Services Department Leads to Financial Peace of Mind

Laura and Marcia, next-door neighbors on a leafy suburban street for 50 years, were as close as sisters. Through the years, the women stood by each other during times of need—when they were widowed, when Laura’s son died unexpectedly, and when Marcia was recovering from breast cancer. When Marcia returned from a long trip and hadn’t heard from Laura for a few days, she became worried. “I went over to Laura’s and saw she was quite distraught. She’d been a victim of some scam artists. I immediately called her daughter long-distance, and then I contacted Seniors At Home.”

senior woman

Laura, 81, had had her identity stolen by callers posing as telemarketers. She discovered, too late, that they’d hacked into her bank accounts. “After I alerted the police, I fell into a deep funk,” says Laura. “When Marcia found me, I’d been alone in the house for almost a week. I was humiliated, angry, and frightened. After my husband’s and son’s deaths, this was the worst thing that had ever happened to me.”

Marcia told Laura that she’d called Seniors At Home’s Fiduciary Services Department  on her behalf. “I said to her, ‘Listen, I know we all like to do things for ourselves, but these people can help you manage your finances and make sure that no one takes advantage of you. I’ve recommended them before, and they do a great job.’”

“I didn’t like the idea of not handling all of my finances, but my daughter, who lives on the East Coast, agreed with Marcia that it’d be better to have professionals involved.” says Laura. “They convinced me to give it a go. It wasn’t easy, but it was the right decision.”

Seniors At Home helped Laura recover her assets, and the account managers in the Fiduciary Services Department keep a close eye over her finances, paying her bills, providing her with monthly statements, and working directly with her accountant and financial advisors to ensure that Laura remain in good stead.

“I don’t feel that I’m any less independent than I was before,” says Laura. “In fact, it’s nice to know that I have another layer of protection—after that horrible incident with those scammers.”

Staff members in Seniors At Home’s Fiduciary Services are available to talk to families and clients about their and their and their loved ones’ financial well-being. Call 415-449-3777 to arrange for a consultation.

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