Professional Partnerships

At Seniors At Home, our mission is to enable all older adults in our community to live safely, independently, and with dignity. To do this, we proudly partner with senior care professionals across the Bay Area so that their patients and clients have access to a complete network of support.

Who do we partner with?

We work with professionals such as physicians, hospitals, social workers, geriatric care managers, estate planning attorneys, elder law attorneys, financial planners, bank trustees, religious institutions, and senior living communities to ensure that older adults receive the highest quality care from someone they trust.

For your patient or client, we can:

  • Provide expert home carecare managementdementia carepalliative care, or more
  • Assess their home environment to ensure safety, and to help them maintain independence
  • Support family caregivers through respite care, counseling, and helping them find the best care options for their loved ones
  • Connect older adults to other helpful community services
  • Offer consultations on creating a long term care plan and on the future costs of care
  • Provide fiduciary services to help seniors manage money safely and wisely, and plan for the future
  • Provide care at home or in our exceptional assisted living facility, Rhoda Goldman Plaza

To learn more about partnering with us or to refer a client today, call us at 415-449-3700