What is Seniors At Home?

Seniors At Home, the senior services division of Jewish Family and Children’s Services, is the Bay Area’s most comprehensive provider of compassionate, quality home care. Our mission is to help older adults live safer, healthier, more independent lives in their own homes and to bring peace of mind to their families. Seniors At Home serves San Francisco, the Peninsula, Marin and Sonoma counties.

Who does Seniors At Home serve?

Seniors At Home is for everyone. We are committed to providing the highest quality of service for all seniors regardless of race, ethnicity, sex, religion, national origin, mental or physical disability, sexual orientation, gender, gender-orientation, ancestry, marital status, or other protected status.

What is home care?

Home care is non-medical services provided in your home to help maximize your independence, including help with personal care, homemaking, and companionship. Seniors At Home caregivers assist individuals of all ages who are recuperating at home after illness or hospitalization and help older adults manage the details of daily life. Our home care services are flexible and responsive to your needs.

What is the difference between home care and home health?

Home care is non-medical care. Home health care is medical care provided in your home for the treatment of an illness or injury. In order to receive home health care, your doctor must determine that you need medical care in your home, you must be homebound, and you must need skilled care in your home. Your doctor will make a plan for these services.

Seniors At Home primarily provides non-medical home care. However, we also offer registered nurses to visit you for a personalized health consultation and to coordinate your health care needs with your physician, family, and caregivers. Seniors At Home is licensed by the state of California as a Home Health Agency, as is required to provide this service.

Who can benefit from home care?

Home care is useful to individuals who feel they need some assistance with activities of daily living. For example, if you have difficulty shopping and preparing your own meals or bathing independently, you may benefit from the services of a caregiver who can assist with these tasks. Family members, friends, and others may also benefit from home care, because it can provide respite from caregiving as well as the reassurance that their loved one’s needs are being met even when they cannot provide the care themselves.

How does Seniors At Home find the right caregiver for me or my loved one?

Prior to starting services, a geriatric specialist will visit you for an in-home assessment to help determine your individual needs and preferences and will work with you to create a care plan. Based on this care plan, a Seniors At Home staffing coordinator will identify which of our caregivers’ skills and characteristics match your preferences.

Our team will work closely with you to ensure that the match is a good one, and that your home care services are well coordinated and meet the highest professional standards. Should a concern arise, a supervisor and staffing coordinator are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to address your needs.

Seniors At Home is a full-service home care agency, which means that we employ our caregivers. All caregivers must pass a thorough background and health screening prior to hire. Caregivers are bonded and insured, and we handle all employer responsibilities, including taxes, benefits, training, and supervision.

Can Seniors At Home help people in assisted living communities?

Yes! We can provide care for you wherever you currently call home, including in an assisted living community.

We also have our own assisted living community, Rhoda Goldman Plaza, which is adjacent to our offices in San Francisco. If you have been receiving home care from Seniors At Home and decide to relocate Rhoda Goldman Plaza, you can continue to receive the exact same services you were receiving in your new location for a seamless transition.

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How much does home care cost?

The cost of hiring a caregiver will depend upon the type of assistance you need. Home care services can be provided 4 to 24 hours a day. Depending upon your needs, home care is often the least expensive approach when compared to assisted living or nursing home costs. Some Long-Term Care insurance policies cover home care services. Our fees are competitive with other full-service home care agencies and you can view our current rates here. Please contact us so we can learn more about your needs.

Does Long-Term Care insurance pay for home care?

Yes, many Long-Term Care insurance policies include home care if certain requirements are met.

Will Seniors At Home provide me with financial assistance to pay for its services?

Yes, some clients may be eligible for a sliding scale or a scholarship for short-term assistance. Eligibility is determined on a case-by-case basis. Contact us to learn more about financial assistance.