Make the Most Important Choices When You’re Healthy

Coming home after surgery, Eleanor didn’t have to worry about arranging for the home care she now needed for the first time in her life. Seniors At Home had already done it. “It was a relief that I didn’t have to scramble for services in my condition,” says Eleanor, 84. “Since everyone at Seniors At Home knew what I wanted, I could focus on regaining my strength.” Eleanor is part of the newly available Futures Program, which is for healthy seniors anticipating that their needs will change as they age.

senior with caregiver

Seniors of any age—from their late sixties to their nineties—sign up for the Futures Program when they are healthy and desire to make an advance plan.“It made a lot of sense to me,” she says. “I’ve always been in good shape, but you have to prepare for a time when you may require help. I wanted to choose who would eventually help me at a time when I was not in a hurry and had all my wits about me.”

Enrolling in the Futures Program with Seniors At Home began with a consultation with a care manager at Eleanor’s house to assess her living situation and to discuss how Seniors At Home could assist her to live as she hoped in the years ahead. After the first meeting, her care manager checked in every three months to make sure she was managing well, and to see if any changes were needed in her preparation plans.

When her doctor told her she needed an operation, Eleanor only had to pick up the phone and call Seniors At Home once to ensure that everything would be in place for her during her recovery. “In addition to excellent care, Seniors At Home provides personal attention,” says Eleanor. “They truly are interested in you as a person. How rare is that these days?”

The Futures Program is now available for all seniors. Learn more at 415-449-3777