You’ve Got a Friend in Our Palliative and End of Life Care Program

Lynn LeviThe Palliative and End of Life Care Program is one of many services of JFCS’ Seniors At Home, which is the largest senior care provider in Northern California.

For Lynne Levi, a volunteer in the program, helping people who are living with a chronic condition or serious illness is a gift that she gives to herself. “There is something comforting about being there for someone else–holding a hand, listening, sharing a meal,” she says. “No one wants to be alone.”

Over her four years in the program, Lynne has become close to her clients. “As a volunteer, I am someone clients feel comfortable speaking with about personal matters that might be hard sharing with relatives and other loved ones,” she says. “It’s liberating for them, and it’s extraordinary for me and the other volunteers.”

Learn more about this and other JFCS volunteer opportunities here. To inquire about Seniors At Home’s comprehensive range of services, including home care, care management, and senior call consultations, call 415-449-3777.