What Will You Do When You Retire?

Retirement is something we often fantasize about as being the time where personal pursuits and newfound free time come as a wonderful relief. But for some of us, the freedom can feel daunting. Many ask the question, “What next?”

More than 60% of people over age 60 say they plan to look for a new job after they retire. We’ve compiled a few ideas and suggestions for jobs and activities to inspire your post-retirement job search.

  1. Offer Your Expertise
    Years of experience have given you expertise and wisdom. Put it to good use by offering it to professionals or businesses that are in a similar sphere of business. Perhaps they could use an extra set of eyes to evaluate and provide recommendations? If you’re looking to get involved in a cause that you feel passionate about, consider consulting for non-profits or joining the board of an organization that is supporting a project or mission that you believe in.
  2. Start that Writing Project
    Do you like to write? Begin a blog about something that interests you or begin a work of fiction or non-fiction. Writing could be a personal endeavor just for you or something to share with your family and loved ones. Many people are now self-publishing their own works online as an income stream. Given the nature of writing, it is a great part time project in addition to other goals and activities.
  3. Get Back to the Classroom
    School isn’t just for kids anymore – in fact, more than half a million men and women over the age of 50 are students in undergraduate and graduate programs in the United States. Take some time to follow your interests or pivot yourself into a new career.It is important to take the cost of going back to school into consideration. If paying tuition is a stretch, consider lifelong learning courses such as the Center for Learning in Retirement or San Francisco State University’s College of Extended Learning.
  4. Share Your Time with a Child or Class In Need
    Schools, clubs, and organizations in your area will be looking for teachers, mentors, and after school tutors. For example, the library may love your help in teaching an introductory English class, or your local arts and recreation center may need an additional teaching assistant.There are also many one-on-one tutoring opportunities if you’re passionate about helping others learn. For example, there is high demand for test preparation tutors to help students study for the SATs. Start by looking into services like Kaplan Tutoring or Tutor.com.
  5. Start Your Own Business
    It’s never too late to start a business doing what you enjoy. Whether you like to bake cakes, mow lawns, or provide financial services, starting your own business will allow you to set your own time and schedule. You may also find that your previous career experiences will come in handy, too.
  6. Volunteer
    There is often no better feeling than dedicating your time to a cause you care about.
    There are many organizations looking for dedicated volunteers. The online portal Volunteer Match is a great place to start looking for volunteer opportunities that fit your interests. And remember, sometimes volunteering can lead to a paid opportunity.

Seniors At Home is part of Jewish Family and Children’s Services, a nonprofit that has many exciting volunteer opportunities. There are many ways to use your talents and time as a volunteer with JFCS, whether you’d like to help somebody learn English, shop for the food bank, deliver gifts to isolated seniors at the holidays, and more.

While you’re thinking of the future, consider joining Seniors At Home’s Futures Program. For more information related to volunteering or receiving services call us at 415-449-3700.