Senior Healthcare Advocacy

Senior Healthcare Advocacy

Don’t you wish you had someone who would support your loved ones while they’re navigating the healthcare system?

Senior Healthcare Advocacy does just this.

What Is Healthcare Advocacy?

Senior healthcare advocacy is designed to can speak up on behalf of you or your loved one, making sure that there is clear communication between family members, doctors, caregivers, and other healthcare providers. Our experts ensure that you receive the information, understanding, and support you need to make empowered and informed healthcare decisions—mind, body, and spirit.

What Do Senior Healthcare Advocates Do?

Healthcare advocates can support your loved ones in a variety of ways. Some of the things that a Healthcare advocate can do include:

  • Going to medical appointments
  • Discussing treatment options
  • Facilitating family discussions
  • Providing emotional support
  • Helping to define healthcare priorities
  • Guiding the preparation of advance directives

How to Find a Healthcare Advocate

Finding the right healhtcare advocate is important since they will be facilitating discussions about your loved ones health-related decisions. This is why the Seniors At Home healthcare advocacy team is full of experts looking to support your loved ones.

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