Help for the Frail and Their Caregivers

Happily married for 60 years, Max and Helen began experiencing difficulties caused by Max’s declining health. She wanted home care for him, he refused, and she no longer had the stamina to provide the assistance her husband needed. “They faced a difficult situation common to many senior couples,” says Judy Lynch, RN, BS, MA, Director of Seniors At Home.

senior couple

Helen and her family turned to Seniors At Home for help. “My mom was at her wit’s end,” says Cheryl, Helen’s daughter, who attended a Seniors At Home consultation with her mother. “The care manager and social worker were a great relief. They suggested strategies to help my dad see that in-home support was warranted.”

Among the most effective approaches was shifting the need for care to Helen. “We told my dad that mom was no longer able to do everything on her own and needed help,” continues Cheryl. “My dad could see this for himself, and it allowed him to accept assistance in the house.”

Since the arrival of a home care aide, Max has gradually accepted her help, his condition is now stable, and Helen no longer feels a prisoner in her own home. “I can now get out for a few hours to have lunch with friends or go to a movie or concert. Having this help has actually made us more independent.”

Cheryl agrees. “My mom and dad are again the sweethearts they always were,” she says. “It’s wonderful being around them and seeing them happy during this time in their lives.”

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