You Don’t Need to Be a Senior to Enjoy Seniors At Home’s Futures Programs

Several years ago, Kayla, a professor in her late 50s, was in a terrible car accident. It took months for her to recover. Soon after she returned to work, she developed a staph infection, which left her immune system severely compromised. “I realized then how important it is to have people you can count on in a crisis,” said Kayla, who lives alone in San Francisco. “Friends are great, but they’re not always available. When I found out about Seniors At Home’s Futures Program, I said to myself, ‘That’s for me.’”


By signing up for free with the Futures Program, Kayla is ensuring that she will have a strong advocate for her care should she experience any sudden change in her health or well-being. Seniors At Home staff dedicated to the Futures Program check in with clients like Kayla on a quarterly basis and assess their needs. Likewise, clients are encouraged to call staff at any time if they need assistance in facilitating communication with their individual doctors and health plans. Kayla has been part of the Futures Program for a year and a half—and finds it a lifesaver.

“I’m a single lesbian with no close family members in the Bay Area,” she says. “What if something happens to me and I need immediate attention? The Futures people know me backward and forward. We can speak in short-hand with each other. The car accident I had several years back resulted in emergency spinal surgery. It also was a complete wake-up call to me that I needed some capable professionals who understand my background and can speak on my behalf. Having the Futures Program in my life is a weight off my mind.”

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