A Caregiver-Client Match “Made in Heaven”

Peter at home with his Seniors At Home caregiver, Scott
Peter at home with his Seniors At Home caregiver, Scott

After undergoing major surgery last spring, Peter was determined to handle his recovery all on his own. Living alone at 68, he had never needed help from a caregiver and he declined the suggestion. He had supportive friends and family nearby, and felt that after leaving the hospital he could manage on his own in his Twin Peaks home as he continued to heal.

However, the surgery left Peter unable to walk unassisted and at the urging of his hospital social worker, Peter agreed to contact Seniors At Home to learn a bit more about some assistance with day-to-day tasks on his long road to recovery.

Bianca, a Home Care Specialist at Seniors At Home, went to meet Peter in his hospital room soon after his call. She remembers that Peter could only walk a few feet at a time and she was very concerned about his leaving for home without a plan in place. Bianca said, “In his condition, Peter was at risk of having a fall at home, and as a professional home care specialist it was clear to me that he would need some help until he fully recovered.”

Peter was still very hesitant about having someone in his house and Bianca knew that finding the right caregiver was going to be critical for him to feel comfortable and bring him around to the idea that a caregiver may actually increase his chances of a full recovery instead of impeding on his daily routine.

Finding the Right Caregiver

Peter and Bianca Harris, Home Care Specialist at Seniors At Home
Peter and Bianca Harris, Home Care Specialist at Seniors At Home

According to Bianca, the first step to providing the highest quality home care is creating a harmonious match between each person and their caregiver. As ‘matchmakers’ the Seniors At Home team carefully assesses the needs of each client and then selects a caregiver who will be the right fit based on their skills and personality.

“We really take the time to get to know our clients and our caregivers personally,” Bianca says. “When the time comes to match a caregiver with a new client, we are able to have a good sense of who is going have the right personality and approach.”

Peter needed a caregiver who was proactive, patient, and consistent to help him ease into the idea of home care. Bianca thought about which caregiver would understand Peter’s need for independence, but also give him the encouragement he needed to build his strength again. She decided to introduce him to Scott.

An Instant Connection

Bianca brought Scott, a Seniors At Home caregiver, to Peter’s hospital room. As soon as Peter and Scott began talking, it was clear that they were going to hit it off.

Scott recalls, “Peter and I had an instant connection – we’ve had similar life experiences, just in different time periods. I felt an immediate connection with him.”

When Peter was discharged from the hospital, Scott was ready. At first, Peter remained resistant to someone else encouraging him to eat, to walk, or when to take his medications. But Scott really understood Peter’s need for independence and respect.

Over time, a deep trust began to grow between them. The pair even developed a “walking system” together that would keep Peter safe from falling.

Peter says, “Scott took a true interest in my well-being, and he was always on time and reliable. I realized that he was someone I could really count on.”

Caregiver helps senior
Scott and Peter have developed a “walking system” to keep Peter from falling when they go on daily walks.

With Scott’s support, Peter began to regain his strength. Today, the pair takes regular walks down the many steps from Peter’s San Francisco home and into the Castro District. They go out for coffee, meet friends, and have visited Peter’s favorite golf course. Peter and Scott share a passion for list-making and organizing, which makes trips to the grocery store a mutual favorite activity.

Peter says, “Scott has played a big role in my recovery. There have been obstacles, but he gives me the constant encouragement I need to get out and be active.”

Scott credits his natural connection with Peter for how much they have accomplished together. He says, “Caring for Peter doesn’t feel like work—we’re very in tune with one another and it’s like we’re best friends. We were a match made in heaven.”

Bianca agrees that Scott and Peter are a great fit and is very pleased that Peter is recovering well. “As we sometimes say here at Seniors At Home: there’s a lid for every pot.”

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