5 Quick Tips for Managing Arthritis Pain

Nearly half of all adults over age 65 have been diagnosed with Arthritis or a related condition. Arthritis causes pain and fatigue that can slow down one’s life and lead to inactivity or isolation for those who are suffering.

The good news is that there are some steps you or your loved one can take to manage the pain on a day to day basis. Below, we have listed five tips to contemplate when dealing with arthritis pain so that life can be enjoyed to the fullest.

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  1. Get Daily Exercise: 

    When pain reaches high levels, it may help to ice the affected joints. Wrapping ice in a towel and applying the ice to the aching area for approximately 20 minutes can decrease swelling. Using a heating pad in a similar manner can also be beneficial as the warmth increases circulation and reduces pain. Try alternating or combining heat and cold treatment methods.

  2. Visit a Physical Therapist:

    It is natural that over time we lose flexibility and movement, so it is especially important that older adults stay limber and strong. A physical therapist can help you or your loved one reduce pain by developing a plan to increase flexibility, mobility, and strength.

  3. Use Tools:

    There are many tools that exist to help reduce Arthritis pain and increase comfort by decreasing the amount of stress placed on the joints. For example, a doorknob extender could be used to open doors without twisting. A cane can be used to reduce pressure on a joint when walking or standing, and using Velcro instead of buttons on clothes can make dressing easier and less painful.

  4. Meditation:

    Meditation has been shown to be a very effective method of reducing stress and pain. By developing a level of concentration and focus, you can relax muscles that are tense, reduce pressure associated with arthritis, diminish stress, and decrease inflammation. Just a few minutes of meditation a day could have a profound impact on reducing depression and improving your outlook.

  5. Consider Caregiver Assistance:

    If you feel that you or your loved one’s pain is getting in the way of daily activities, consider hiring a caregiver a few hours a week to help with homemaking or personal care.

Seniors At Home’s highly trained caregivers can provide assistance with errands and transportation that may be more difficult with Arthritis pain.

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